Thursday, November 8, 2007


I have had some requests to post this painting so that some of you can view it more closely. I am happy to oblige, of course! I will also post a photo I took on that same hike of a different saskatoon bush.

If you wish to purchase this painting, or commission something similar, please contact me.


Michelle said...

I LOVE this painting. Absolutely love it.

You have the realism mixed with a soft painterly approach so balanced here. Gorgeous.

Joanne said...

Thank you Michelle! I value your artistic judgement very much. This was a piece that I really enjoyed doing.
Saskatoons is a larger watercolor piece - 22 1/2" x 33" - and so had to be worked on in sections...but such fun to do!

Kim said...

This piece is gentle and serene. I love the placement of the berries, too. It's perfect for a focal piece in a room, and yet it's not so "loud" that it takes over and distracts.