Thursday, November 22, 2007

Old Potato Bucket

This bucket is a reproduction of the buckets that fishermen in Nova Scotia used as their fish pails in the early 1900's. Eventually, these buckets became useful in other ways - such as for carrying potatoes from the garden to the house, or to the root cellar.
I found this bucket one day as I was browsing in the shops in Bragg Creek, a small village just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Being a Maritimer myself, it was a found treasure that brought to memory the smells and sounds of living next to the ocean! This painting is part of a collection that belongs to friends who are also from the Maritimes.
If you would like to commission a similar painting, please contact me.


Kim said...

Wood is one of your best subjects! Beautiful rendering of the bucket. Just love it!

emm said...

I enjoyed the time I spent on your blog, your work is just beautiful!

Joanne said...

Thanks for your kind words. I find that painting a subject that I am connected to is very "puts wind in my sails"!

Michelle said...

I love the light source in this one! Very subtle adds a very different feel to this from your other pieces.

Beautiful stuff. :)