Friday, February 15, 2008

Spring is Coming - Pink Poppy

Today is 9 degrees Celsius! The snow is just disappearing in a flash - and the softness in the air encourages me that spring is coming! Only another 6 weeks or so and the worst of winter should be behind us. I can hardly wait to see my pink poppies, green leaves on trees, grass waving in the wind - so much to look forward to. This photo is to remind us all of what waits around the corner. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

*sob* thanks for reminding me!

I too, can hardly wait for all those things. I love this photo - the angle of this shot is so unusual for a poppy, you've composed this so well!

Jean Victory said...

I can't even think of spring!! We have more snow and ice headed our way tonight! We are all so sick of it here. I really can't wait to see the flowers in my garden again. One can dream!!

Joanne said...

Hi Michelle,
These poppies are short lived - but they are glorious for the few days they are fully open. I happened to catch this one when it was freshly bloomed - such a surprise to see the purple in the centre! Take care, and "talk" to you again soon!

Joanne said...

Oh Jean!
I feel so badly for you... there has just been one storm after another for you this winter. But I can assure you, all that snow and ice will one day be gone, and you will bask in the warmth of spring and summer again! Hang in there!!! I look forward to your next visit.