Friday, March 7, 2008

Retreat Road

A couple of years ago, I was at a retreat centre just outside of Calgary. When I went for a walk down one of the nearby roads, I came upon this pretty scene. An artist friend of mine, Michelle Wiebe, has been encouraging me to focus on my watercolors, and to be more "loose" in my approach. Well, Michelle, this quick little study is for you! :-)


Michelle said...

I'm so touched. :)

Comment Readers - this is well worth a click on the image for a close up.

I love the burnished staining and the lively dark markings of the fence and grass. It reminds me of chinese brushwork.

I'm glad you've taken the plunge to do some studies like this - the simplicity always reveals the skill of the artist.

Anonymous said...


Michelle's right...loose looks really great. Though your tulips are stunning. Impressive.

By the way, I picked up the book you recommended , "Now, Discover Your Strengths" - mine are Input, Intellection, Empanthy, Learner, Relator" - certainly strikes a chord. I'd love to hear yours.

Joanne said...

You have been a strong voice of encouragement in my artistic life that has propelled me to take risks and to believe. Thank you for your friendship.

Joanne said...

Hi Veronica,
I was so excited to see your name and a blog symbol together that I jumped right over to see if it was true... and it is! You're blogging! That is very exciting! I have created a link on my blog to yours, hoping that people will visit you and enjoy seeing your work as much as I do.
I looked up your strengths profile, and I can see each of those in you for sure! My top 5 are Strategic, Learner, Input, Achiever, Maximizer. When you check them out, I think you will see why my artistic side wars with my organizational side. That is probably why it is hard for me to actually engage in being "loose" in my approach to painting, and why I should do much more of it.
Anyways, I am happy to see that you have taken the plunge into the world of artistic blogging. Thanks for the feedback - I look forward to much more. :-)

Kim said...

Do I get this one in my "inheritance package?" Or do I need to put a little pink sticky note on it so that I get it when you die? ;)

Joanne said...

Silly girl, Kim - you need to engage your brother in some sort of battle to see who the winner is. Do it before I die - I want to watch it unfold. :-)

Jean Victory said...

I love the atmosphere of the study and I'm also impressed with how your tulip painting turned out. Very Nice!!

Joanne said...

Hi Jean! Nice to hear from you. I am glad you like the tulips - as you well know, it is very satisfying to finish something you have been working on for a long time. This study was a nice release after the intense control I had to maintain in the tulips. It was also very liberating to complete the study in just a few hours (including drying time) compared to how long a large piece takes. Both have their merits, and their challenges! I'll have to drop by your blog to see how that mixer is coming along! Thanks for your comments, Jean.