Thursday, April 17, 2008

Juried Selection for Art Show


            I have just returned from a work-related trip to Seattle which was intense but wonderful. I actually made it to Starbuck's mecca - Pike's Place Market - and enjoyed a Chai Tea Latte from the very first Starbuck's location.  I love ocean, so it was fabulous to be able to watch the ships, and see the lights dance across the water in the evening. Needless to say, I got no painting done this week, so I will have to work hard to catch up!

   Today I got notification that 5 of my paintings have been juried into an art show in Calgary, Alberta that I am very excited to be a part of. What is so cool about this show is that a portion of the price paid for each painting (if each sells, that is) will go to support compassion and justice projects in Central America and Africa. What gave me such pleasure in painting will give another pleasure to own, and at the same time give a child in desperate circumstances food, clothing, and medicines to treat HIV/AIDS.  What could be better than that?                                   


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful still lives!
I'm attempting photo still lives - but your paintings are wonderful.
Followed you here from Frank's Mexican blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne: Congratulations on your selected juried paintings! They all look beautiful. And the end results for helping others is super. Glad to read you had a good trip to Seattle.


Joanne said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Thank you for your very kind words! Beauty definitely lives in your photos of Marrakesh as well! It is an experience to walk with you through the streets, to see the evidence of creativity and art in this culture - to enjoy the beauty of the colors, the vegetation, the architecture. It would be fabulous to be able to paint some of the doors and buildings you photograph. :-) Hope to talk with you again.

Joanne said...

Hi Paz,

Thanks for being so supportive of my painting efforts. Some day I would like to visit New York - the mecca of the arts! Until then, I will have to be content to visit your site and enjoy your lovely photos!

Take care.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Joanne, now I know where you have been. That's great that these paintings got jurried in. And a great way to give back too.
If you are going to get five days of snow, that will give you some time to catch up in the studio.
I shiver even thinking about it.

Joanne said...

Hey Frank!
It has begun - as I look out my studio window, there are flakes the size of a nickel falling and accumulating on the ground. I am very happy to be snug and warm in my studio, starting another painting.

I am loving the instruction you are giving on your blog. It is like having free art lessons just for one. I think it is a wonderful way to invest in each person who visits your blog. You are "giving back" to all of us. Thanks for your generous spirit, Frank. It is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,

The work is lovely (as always) - so much light and colour. Hope you enjoyed Marcus Buckingham as much as I did yesterday - it's good to get a visual reminder of why each of us being ourselves is so important.

Joanne said...

Hi Veronica,

Yes - the show with Marcus Buckingham was very interesting. Isn't it reassuring to see so many others who also struggle to find their ultimate purpose in life? We are not alone! It is very exciting to see them find their strengths and carve out their niche using those strengths to make a difference - for themselves and others!

Take care, and happy painting next week, Veronica.

Kim said...

I would just like to say, "welcome back." We missed you. Hugs.

Joanne said...

Hi Kimmy,

I missed talking to you, too. It is good to be back - I think! It snowed our first big spring storm all day today. Looks like it might be finished by tomorrow, but the roads are very tricky. So - I just stayed in my lovely studio and painted most of the day. Not long before we are in sunny, hot Mexico, so I am trying to ignore the cold white wasteland outside my window!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I think you will do quite well at this show. :)

Joanne said...

Hey Michelle,

Your help and belief in my work keeps me reaching further than i ever thought possible. Thank you, my friend!