Sunday, July 6, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are leaving for the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia for a few days. The last time we were there, Syd and I stayed at this heritage house bed and breakfast. It was a fabulous experience, but it is no longer operating as a bed and breakfast.

This time, we will be staying at an inn, along with my husband's 3 sisters and their spouses. We have begun a tradition of meeting somewhere in Canada each summer to spend time together as family. We used to meet at a family cottage on a lake, but that has been sold, and so this is our way of staying in touch. Our times together are lots of fun, with exploration of the chosen area, coffee shops, restaurants, riding rented bikes, hiking, and of course, shopping and laughter.

Till next weekend. then. Have a wonderful week!

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Michelle said...

Aw - I missed you on Sunday (you were chatting with someone when I looked for you)

I hope you and Syd have a wonderful, refreshing time! :)