Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crabby Pail

It seems like a long time since I have actually posted a painting instead of a photo! 
My son has a crabapple tree in his back yard which produces incredible numbers of tiny but jewel-toned crabapples. They were more than happy to share a huge plastic container with me, which I juiced so as to make crabapple jelly later when I am able. I did save enough to fill up this bucket and take some photos for painting. 

Today my husband is down at the garden digging potatoes. I think I may end up doing something with a few of those knarley ones that are so interesting in shape and color... Our weather is turning cooler, although we have enjoyed record setting temperatures the last week (in the upper 20's C.). It is time to finish up the garden, and bring up wood for the fireplace. Fall is here, and that means winter is not far behind. Next weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, and so all the fall produce like pumpkins, squash, potatoes, turnip and so on will be at the Farmers' Markets this week. It is a wonderful time of year to enjoy color and the splendor of fresh produce!

Have a great week, everyone.

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Michelle said...

You are back!!!!

At first glance I thought those were cherries, you've done them with such an intense red.

Beautiful. Nice contrast with the white bucket.

theresamillerwatercolors said...

So wonderful to see your beautiful painting! Love it!

Enjoy the cooler weather. Our fireplace is already back to work. Not really cold, but I love the atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I trust you had a nice celebration.

Lovely painting of the "Crabby Pail". ;-) Paintings of your garden potatoes should be interesting to see. What else do you have growing in your garden.

I trust you continue to feel better everyday.


Jean Victory said...

I'm glad you're back...I love the painting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm relieved to hear that you came through that surgery so well and are painting again. I wish you the best.

Joanne said...

Hi Michelle,

Yes - these crabapples were about the size of large cherries - but not as deep a red as a cherry. It is good to be back! Thanks for your kind words...

Joanne said...

Hi Theresa,

You and I have much in common - and loving the atmosphere of a fireplace is definitely one of those things! Thanks for coming by... your paintings are so lovely. i look forward to seeing more of them now that your daughter is back in school. :-)

Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. My family all pitched in for the meal, and so it made things very easy for me! In my garden, I had everything from herbs, lettuce, snap beans and Swiss Chard to 3 kinds of potatoes. It is a very large garden as we live on 6 acres of land, and have the space to grow lots. Our garden is fenced in with 8 foot high wire fencing though, as the deer and other creatures also enjoy the produce! Thanks for asking -this week I am feeling stronger with each day. As with you, work is quite tiring at first, but I am sure within the next week, I will feel less exhausted at the end of the day.

Thanks for your visit, Paz. I always visit your site - just don't always comment! :-)

Joanne said...

Hi Jean,

How are you doing? Are you unbelievably busy with more galleries asking for your work? How are the fall colors in Maine? I envy you the beautiful reds! Take care - and talk to you again soon!

Joanne said...

Hi Mary!

I love your paintings of Parsboro! I used to live in Nova Scotia - in Yarmouth and in Amherst, so I know the area you were visiting! I envy you your trip....
Thanks for your well wishes - hope to hear from you again.