Friday, January 2, 2009

On my easel

A couple of years ago, we were in San Diego, visiting the San Diego Zoo. I had my trusty camera with me, and was able to get some decent pictures of some of the creatures there. Since that time, I have wanted to paint this elephant, but not in the traditional way most artists would paint it. Instead, I wanted a sense of HEAT around this large beast, and I thought using the pouring of colors technique might achieve that for me. Here you see the painting after the second pour of colors - 3 primaries - with various places masqued off for each pour.

This is a large watercolor - 22.5 x 30.5 inches - so putting in the detail from this point forward is going to be slow going. However, I am excited by the way the colors have laid down so far, and I am looking forward to now diving in for the fun stuff. 

I will continue to post progress on this piece as it takes place. :-)

If you are interested in an African Safari, or perhaps a painting that makes you feel like you have been on one, contact me for commission work at

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Anonymous said...

Very, very cool idea and cool approach to your elephant painting. I look forward to seeing its progress.