Friday, March 20, 2009


A number of weeks ago, I completed this painting, and tried to get a good photo of it to post. I never did get a good likeness and when I tried to correct for color in Photoshop, some were too yellow, some were too green. I posted a picture of Sunny Trio anyways, and when I spoke with a new artist friend, Vern, he told me that the colors looked pastel and washed out on his big, beautiful monitor. I was really disappointed, and wouldn't let my husband mat and frame the painting because I didn't have a good enough photo for my portfolio.

But - FINALLY - I have figured out how to get an accurate replication of my paintings!!!!

I have scanned the painting in sections, brought it into Photoshop and merged the sections to make the final picture of this painting - and it finally looks RIGHT!!! You can see the beautiful batik background and the brightness of the yellows and the centers of the flowers. And the greens and blues are the right hues. I am so excited to learn how to do this! It will revolutionize all my efforts from now on with my paintings. No matter how many sections I have, Photoshop will merge them into one picture. I LOVE technology!!!

So Vern - I have reposted this one so that you can see it as it truly is. Thanks for pushing me to find a new way to get it right! :-)

If you are interested in purchasing this original 15" x 22" watercolor painting on 300 lb. Arches paper, please contact me at


theresamillerwatercolors said...


Anonymous said...

Sunflowers! My fave! glad you were able to post this. ;-)


Joanne said...

Hi Theresa! You are finally back!!!! Yeah!!!! I am coming to see what you have painted while without a computer! :-)

Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
Yes - I was pretty happy to finally have this new way of recording my paintings. And because I could not get the final of this one painting to look right, I re-posted it! Take care.

David Patterson said...

I love this piece Joanne! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your kind's very much appreciated!

Joanne said...

Hi David!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment! This painting is from a photo of these 3 gigantic sunflowers I bought just for the painting. I think I will begin on your photo sometime next week. :-) I will send you pictures of the progression. Have a great weekend.