Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gardening Time

It is time to plant some of my seeds for my garden! This year I am especially excited for a couple of reasons. At the end of last year, I bought a greenhouse which my husband is going to put together as soon as the snow is gone. This means I can grow things like peppers and my tomatoes might even be able to ripen on the vine!!! The greenhouse will be up close to the house so that I can tend it on a regular basis. My other garden, which will be for root vegetables like potatoes, beets, turnip, as well as squash, raspberries, cabbage and so on, is at the end of a path through our little "woods" of aspen trees. We had to put 8 foot fencing around it so that the deer won't eat all the plants - but we still have some pocket gophers that get in each year. I plant a row of beets just for them, and then they tend to leave the rest of the garden alone. Guess they like the sweetness of the beets. :-)

The second reason I am excited is that I will experience, for the first time in recent memory, planting and tending my garden in a leisurely fashion - not all in one day for planting, and all in one day for weeding, and so on. When I had been working full time, it was always squeezing in the time to garden, not having the time to really enjoy it. But this year, I can plan, plant, weed, harvest and enjoy the process as the days unfold - such a luxury! Something to truly look forward to!

Now, if our 12 inches of the latest snowfall  would just melt, I would feel like there is hope of getting my seeds in the ground when they need to be planted in May! I am proceeding in faith!


zunnur said...

Garden-plants-veges-trees-woods-deer - sounds so natural and I can feel the fresh air. I wish I could live in such a green place unfortunately I'm surrounded by bricks everywhere :)

Joanne said...

Hi Zunnur,

I know I am living in a beautiful place that very few people in the world enjoy. I truly am blessed - and I do not take it for granted! If you ever are in this part of Canada, you and your family could visit and experience this country living too. :-)

I enjoyed your blog - you are a very good writer. I will visit again to enjoy more of your stories and information. Till then, take care of your new little baby and the rest of your family - congratulations to you and your wife on this new addition to your family.

Cynthia said...

So.... are you starting the seeds inside? I was just going to stick them in the ground in May..... Perhaps I should get a gardening book or something! Hehehe! Trees, shrubs and perennials are my forte, veggies not so much ;o)

zunnur said...

Hi Joanne,

I'm so glad to have met you, you're so kind with your words, thank you. Not only you're living in such a beautiful place, you're also blessed with such a beautiful heart. I wish I could visit Canada one day. I have another blogging friend working in Canada and I remember reading a post about rabbits running around in the streets, so exciting as it never happen in this hectic place.

Joanne said...

Hi Cynthia,
I am only starting the seeds that need more time to mature than the number of growing days we have here. Because we are high in altitude, close to the mountains, and cooler in temperature (especially at night), our crops grow more slowly, and for things like tomatoes, there is just not enough time for them to mature and produce fruit unless you have fairly large plants to set out in May/June. So, I have started my tomatoes, green peppers, and some herbs (Basil, Oregano) inside. Hopefully they will sprout and grow till I can set them outside. Sometimes I have had problems with root rot - not pleasant when it kills all those little seedlings you have invested time in!!!

Joanne said...

Hi Zunnur,

I wonder where your other Canadian friend is in Canada? I have only seen one or two rabbits, mostly crossing a street... but I live in the country. :-) I live just outside of Calgary, Alberta, close to the Rocky Mountains. It is true that sometimes there are wild animals (coyotes, moose, cougars) that get into the city - but not very often.

Where in Malaysia are you living? It must be a large city for you to be in the airline business. It seems that no matter where in the world you go, people are being overworked, and are exhausted! I know you must feel a lot of pressure to provide for your family... even though you work long hours, I am glad you have a job. Take care, my friend, and have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! You'll be growing a lot of goodies. I hope to have a window garden one day.

You still have snow?


Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
Yes - I know... snow seems quite cruel at this time of year, but there you have it! This week has been warmer, and so a lot of it has melted, and I expect by next week, we may have none left.

The reason I can plant so large a garden is that I live on 6 acres of land, and I have been able to have a large area for garden, It is a struggle each year to keep the prairie grass out of the planting area - but it is worth it when I have fresh lettuce, spinach, etc. which has not been sprayed with anything but water! Have a nice day, Paz. Hugs.