Friday, April 3, 2009

Harley - a portrait in pencil

This is a portrait of one of my 4 grandsons. He is 5 years old and full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Everything is something to be learned and discussed. He has a heart of compassion even though he is so young - and he loves to help people.

This drawing was done as a gift to Harley's father, Chris, for his birthday.

If you would like a portrait done - either painted or in pencil, please contact me:


Michelle said...

What a cutie!

Kim said...

May I say that you captured his smile completely, and his ears are EXACTLY true to life! Did you enjoy doing a graphite portrait, or do you prefer to paint portraits?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful portrait drawing. What a handsome and happy-looking tyke. I bet his Dad was very happy to receive this gift.