Friday, April 17, 2009

New Acquisitions- watercolors by Carol Carter

I have just received these beautiful and vibrant watercolor sketches done by a fantastic watercolor artist, Carol Carter. She did these as preliminary sketches for a commission which was called "How Sweet the Sound". I have always loved the sound of and harmonies of a black gospel choir, so when I saw these on Carol's blog, I contacted her right away to see if they were available to purchase. We worked out an arrangement, and now I am the proud owner of these lovely paintings.

Carol is the only watercolor artist I have come across who deliberately uses backruns or blooms in her paintings. She is masterful in her use of color - and her swimmers are truly amazing. One day, I hope to own one of her larger pieces, but for now, these are a wonderful start.


Kim said...

So jealous here. Can you work out a deal for me too?

Joanne said...

Hey Kim,
Carol is very open to negotiations on her work... but let's just say that you already have these 2 in your inheritance, and then you can know that you have 2 of Carol Carter's original works!