Monday, June 1, 2009

Green House and Yellow Fields

Here is the greenhouse that my wonderful husband continues to work on. It is 8' x 12', and pretty light weight, so he built a wooden frame for it to sit on that it is bolted to. We get lots of wind here, and we didn't want to see it "take off" one day! The instructions said this greenhouse could be assembled in a weekend, but there is absolutely NO WAY that is true!!! It took many days to build it, and that was not all that needed to be done. Now, he is working on putting in the weather stripping, and that alone has taken many hours. When the weather stripping is completed, he will then put down poly on the "floor" with a place for the water to drain, and the put gravel over it all. Then it will be completely finished! My tomatoes, bell peppers and garlic are loving it in there already, so I know that in a month it will be filled with large healthy plants!

I took this picture two weeks ago. This is part of the view I have from my kitchen and bedroom windows. We had just had some rain, and this beautiful rainbow appeared. If you click on the picture, you will even see the violet in the rainbow! Pretty spectacular when seen in person. :-)  As you will notice, our trees had no leaves on them at the time, but they are mostly all out now. We just talked to my sister-in-law in Manitoba, and their leaves are still not out as it has been so cold and wet! Usually they are at least a month ahead of us in the growing season, so things are weird all over Canada.

These wildflowers are called Buffalo Beans, and I LOVE to see them come out! When the Buffalo Beans bloom, it means (according to gardening folklore) that we will not have any more frost, and it is safe to plant your gardens and annuals. They just came out this week!

These wildflowers are NOT ones we like to see... but dandelions are EVERYWHERE in great numbers. It seems impossible to get rid of them when everyone's lawns and fields are yellow with very little green in between! We mowed our crop of dandelions and the next morning - poof! there they were again! Last year we hand dug every one out, but there is no hope of being free of them when they are so prolific and farmer's fields are white with their seed! Sigh!

I am working on Rhino this week, and some other paintings as well. On Wednesday, I will show you my first oil painting on canvas... this blog is about my growth as an artist - and since I am just beginning with oils, there is LOTS of room for growth! :-)


Kim said...

The greenhouse reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, and not wanting it to fly away...and it also makes me want to say, "there's no place like home! There's no place like home!" Maybe if I click my red shoes...

Anonymous said...

I like your greenhouse. I'm impressed with your husband's workmanship. It will look even more wonderful when you have your plants there.

I love yellow flowers.

Beautiful Buffalo Beans. I like the name. ;-)

Umm... I like dandelions, too. Maybe cause I don't have a garden? But even if I did, I'd like my dandelions. ;-)

Lovely view you have. That rainbow is gorgeous.

Happy painting,


Joanne said...

Thanks for the visits, girls. I live in a very special place, and I have amazing views, wildlife, and now a greenhouse in addition to my garden. What more could I ask for?