Thursday, June 4, 2009


Christine Kane is an amazing artist who has a blog that I regularly visit for inspiration and a "pep talk". She is a great writer who not only talks the talk, but has and continues to walk the walk of an artist. She has just released a new cd called Wide Awake which will be out the end of June. 

Christine decided to give away 15 of her brand new cd's (she upped the number to 21), and all you had to do was leave a comment on her blog. She got 241 people who left a comment to try to win a copy of her cd - and I was one of them. She drew the names on Monday, June 1st and because she had gotten a new Flip Mino, she made a video of the announcement of the winners. I was so excited to hear her say my name as one of the winners!!!!

She will send out a copy of the cd to me toward the end of June. You want to believe I will be listenin' to her fine singin' as I am a-paintin'! 

Drop by her blog sometime:   It seems she always has something interesting to say!

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