Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009 - a snow day!

It continues to snow. It started last evening, continued through the night, and is still falling as I write this.

The trees are bent low with the heaviness of the wet snow, but even as morning progresses, it remains cold enough to continue to snow instead of rain. I don't know how my greenhouse plants have fared... nor my little seedlings in the garden which are now buried under a blanket of white. I worry about the delicate birds who have come for summer - the American Goldfinches, hummingbirds, Cassin's finches...

I declare it an official "SNOW DAY". *sigh*


Kim said...

I can't believe it. What were we saying...21 years since it last snowed in June? That's sick.

As for my painting, well, it's getting there. Trouble is finding (making) the time to work on it, and with three little ones, an actual job and life in general, progress is slow. But it is progressing, and that is something.

Kurt wants to start an art blog with his photography and my paintings, so if I am going to do that, I had better get cracking on the whole pace of painting thing.

Jeanne Levasseur said...

Unbelievable for July! Great pictures! Hopefully you can get some kind of artistic inspiration from all the snow....

Joanne said...

When it last snowed in June, it was just a skiff of snow which you could just see on top of the grass. THIS was not a skiff... it is now 6:30, and the clouds are just beginning to break up! The good news is that everything in the greenhouse is just fine. I couldn't get down through the trees to the main garden - will take a look at it tomorrow.
I think a blog for you two would be great! Can't wait to see it up and running. Any ideas as to a name for it?

Joanne said...

Hi Jeanne!
Yes - it is unbelievable to us too that it could snow in what is officially the month of summer! We have had no spring to speak of, and the snow has made us think we won't have summer either. BUT, we are a hardy lot up here in Canada, and we will persevere through it all... I did get inspired to stay in and begin another painting, so all is not lost! Thanks for your visit and comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

I. Can't. Believe. It!


Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
I can't believe it either! What a dream... I AM dreaming, aren't I??????

I suppose you had a gorgeous day there in New York, where the trees have been in bloom for weeks, and all is summery... I think I will have to come and visit! :-)

Have a relaxing day tomorrow.

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thankfully, we had a very nice day after a lot of rain. I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice, too.

I'm sending you some nice weather from New York. ;-)