Wednesday, July 15, 2009


              Beauty in Brokenness

                       Lemon Tea

           Pink Ladies All in a Row

A few weeks ago I updated my goals for 2009, and mentioned that I had entered 3 juried competitions. One of those competitions was for a local Art Show which will be held in October. I am happy to say that I received confirmation that all 3 of the pieces I entered have been juried into the show... no "declined" this time!

When I sent my entry for this show, I forgot to mail the entry fee with my application form. The director of the show was kind enough to contact me to let me know, and I immediately sent off the cheque. Even though the said cheque was only going about 30 kms., it took almost 2 weeks to get there!!!! I was ready to personally drive a replacement cheque to the director on the day she finally received the original cheque in the mail. Whew! She told me that she receives mail from thousands of miles away in just 3 days. That does not say much for our local post office, does it?


Lee Ann said...
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Lee Ann said...

My stupid comment had a typo and I couldn't edit it, so I had to delete it and start over! Anyway, congratulations Joanne! I love all three of these paintings (especially the broken eggs) so it's no surprise to me that they were all accepted. Hahaha - my word verification is "artless". Are you trying to tell me something?

Joanne said...

Oh LeeAnn, You so often make me laugh out loud!!! Thanks for your visit and your support of me as an artist. I value your opinion!

Anonymous said...

I love all three paitings too. I'm not surprised at all that they were all accepted. Glad they finally got that check. Do they need help at the post office. I'll consider moving down there and working at the post office, if so. ;-)


Joanne said...

Hi Paz!
I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you are. I noticed that there was no new photo on your blog, and I was concerned that you might be ill.

Yes, yes! - I definitely think you should plan on moving here and organizing our postal system! You could have WALKED the cheque there faster than the post office delivered it! They definitely need your skills and help. :-)

Take care, my friend!

Kim said...

I think you have cool art friends, Mom. They're more than just fellow artists who leave funny and intelligent comments, aren't they? I think you're a great friend, too, and I speak from experience. Congrats on your entries into the show. No surprise on my face.

Joanne said...

My dearest Kim,
I love it that we are not just mommy and daughter, but great friends as well. You are right - I am so blessed to have these wonderful art friends who have become very special to me. It makes my day when they visit and leave behind expressions of encouragement and support. YOU know how much that means to me - and you are the most faithful of all to support me in my endeavors. Thank you! I can hardly wait till we're there with you... not long now!