Monday, August 3, 2009

Blue Dragonfly and Mosiac Art Feature

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One morning when I went to open up my greenhouse for the day, it was filled with these gorgeous brilliant blue dragonflies. Some were in what I think is a nymph state, with a shorter body and wings not as developed, and some were in adult stage like this one. It was the most amazing site... they were flying all around the enclosed space.

Of course, I ran back to the house to get my camera...

The blue dragonflies are still around, and I see them inside the greenhouse occasionally. I am sure the ones I now see are a different generation, as I understand their life cycle is not very long. They are so beautiful - the color so bright - it brings me joy each time I see one.

An artist friend of mine also has lots of dragonflies in her gardens each summer. They inspire her in her mosaic art, which is just amazing! I cannot imagine how painstaking it is to break each little tile perfectly, and then place it just so to make incredible art! Lee Ann Petropoulos is also an accomplished painter, and incredible gardener. This month, she is beginning a new feature on her blog... an interview with a guest artist on the first Monday of each month. I have the honor of being the first artist to be featured, so I invite you to hop over to her blog to read the interview and see the painting I chose to be featured. Thank you Lee Ann for asking me to be a part of this very special opportunity!

This is a long weekend in Alberta... hope everyone's summer is long, slow, and full of relaxing days. I am lovin' every day of warmth and sunshine that we are having! On Wednesday, I will show you the next stage of Baby Giraffe... so see you then!


Anonymous said...

Exquisite blue dragonfly. Awesome shots.


Joanne said...

Thank you my fellow photographer!

Rick Paradie said...

What a wonderful site. it must take every minute of your time to produce such beautiful images and to provide the background and history of what you do and where you plan to go with your creations. Great work.

rick Paradie

Joanne said...

Thank you Rick! Your photos are amazing - and I hope others will soon be able to share the beauty of your artistic gifting. :-)