Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Holiday

Interior of one of my orange poppies, 2009

It's the long weekend, and I am busy in my garden, canning, making applesauce, apple juice, and cleaning up the yard! Hope you have a great holiday, doing stuff outside in the warmth of the fading days of summer. Already our nights are quite cool, and I feel that frost is just a couple of weeks away.

Although I find it difficult to say goodbye to summer, I know that when the cold hits, I'll be comfortably warm while painting in my studio! So... something to look forward to. :-)


Jean Victory said...

It looks like you've been so busy...everything from photography to canning! Love the richness of the orange in the poppy. I keep thinking this would make an awesome painting. You must have been exhausted after canning all of those tomatoes. Do you do picked beets also or jams and jellies? Take care and can't wait to see some new paintings from all of these photos.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy this holiday week. I love this photo. Love the vivid color.


Joanne said...

Hi Jean!

I think this flower would be an awesome painting too!

I was not as exhausted as I would have been without the help of my lovely Jessica... it actually was fun doing the tomatoes together. I used to do pickled beets and such, but not this year. Yes - I do jams and jellies because my husband is a jamaholic. Peach, apricot, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry - whatever comes in when I have time.

Yesterday I picked all my parsley, and dried it overnight in my dehydrator. Got to love this time of year!!!

Joanne said...

Hi Paz! It is so good to see you back on line! Yes - we are in agreement with that... the vivid color is gorgeous. Most of my photos are "untouched" - so this is the true color of the flower. Hope you get some good shots soon to replace the ones you lost. :-(