Monday, September 28, 2009

Pear Tree - a wip

This week has been incredibly busy for me... I mean REALLY BUSY with all kinds of things that were not painting. But, in spite of that, I did get this painting drawn and started.

My friend Donna has a pear tree in her backyard (lucky woman!) which she sent me a picture of. So this is my rendition of that tree. I had to simplify the photo (which I absolutely LOVE) quite a bit, but the essence is still there. It will take a few more days till I get this one done. I have company coming, and so it is going to sit on my easel for a while until I come back to it. I love all the different shades of green - yet they are harmonious. It's not easy painting with green, you know! :-)


Anonymous said...

She IS lucky to have her very own pear tree. Now I'm craving a pear. ;-) I like your WIP. I like the green.

Have a great week!


Alvin Richard said...

I really like this Joanne. It already has a kind of Zen feeling to it!