Monday, September 21, 2009

Salt and Pepper

6" x 6" watercolor on 140 lb Arches

My mom and dad had this set of salt and pepper shakers when I was a kid, and I now have them in my cupboard. Even though I rarely use them, they remain partially filled, ready for service at a moment's notice. How many hands have touched and tipped these glass containers I wonder? What was said at the meals where they were at the center of the table?

Both of my parents have "passed on" as the expression goes. I was a late baby - arriving when my mom was 40 years old. One thing that was important to her was family around the table, enjoying her cooking, and so most Sundays would find us together, laughing, talking and eating. My children remember those meals quite vividly, and now they value our time together as family as well. What an important heritage to have, and what a wonderful value to live by, and instill in your children. Laughter, time together, good food... salt and pepper.


Paz said...

wonderful memories. wonderful painting.


Janet W said...

Hi Joanne. My Mom and I waundered through the antique store today and enjoyed looking at the old bowls and dishes and furniture. Just like your little salt and pepper shakers, so many things brought back precious memories for both of us. Love this little painting!

Joanne said...

Hi Paz!
Yes - I have several things of my mom's that bring back old memories... I have thought of doing several of them this fall, so stay tuned for more. :-)

Joanne said...

Hi Janet!

Isn't it great how these little things can stimulate memories and conversations? Sometimes I am astonished at the prices antique stores ask for items that my mom was happy to replace with newer, better working "tools of the kitchen"! I suppose it shows we don't just value the future, but also the past.

Glad your mom made it down for a visit. :-) Are you enjoying this fall? This is the first September in many years that I can say I felt very little stress ...wahoo!!!! Hope you can claim that for yourself too. Coffee's on anytime you're ready. XXX