Monday, October 26, 2009

Country Road

I absolutely love old buildings, old wood, wooden fence posts, driftwood, stone, rocks... I think it is the texture and the weathered-ness of these that I find so appealing. There is something solid and earthy in wood and stone. When I really look at them, it is as if each one tells a story of being battered by the elements, yet surviving in spite of the storms.

I find my life to be like that. There are so many unexpected storms what come along, and often I feel bruised and battered by them. Sometimes I feel like I might get swallowed up in the wind and rain. Yet, when the clouds break, there is something fresh and encouraging in the sunlight.

This old barn combines the old wood and stone that I love. Add a country road, and it is a powerful experience.

This painting will be for sale at my Art Studio Show on November 14th and 15th. If you are interested in purchasing it before the show, please contact me at


Anonymous said...

I love your analogy and your painting. Lovely painting.


Joanne said...

Thanks, Paz! There are many old barns around here - and many of them are falling down as "progress" continues to buy up land and build housing. I want to get out and take photos of a lot of them this winter/spring, before they are all gone. Take care!

Patriotic Princess said...

I absolutely love the painting! I have a farm and I just love pictures of old buildings, barns, country, etc. It reminds me so much of "home". Absolutely gorgeous, and I love your analogy as well :)

Michelle said...

What a moody sky! Beautiful!