Sunday, November 15, 2009


Thanks to all of you who visited my blog this week and dared to make a comment!

So, for each of you listed below, I invite you to go to this link and choose the photo you want me to send to you. Then e-mail me your contact information at, and your photo will be in the mail to you this week.

Princess Pamela
Anni J
Alvin Richard
Paz D
Kim P
Vern Schwarz

I would consider my show to have been an amazing success! Each day we had a steady stream of people here for the entire allotted time, and my husband, my fantastic assistant Jess and I were kept very, very busy. I got to visit with many, many friends and made some new friends as well. The sales were beyond my expectations, and I have 2 commissions to start on right away! Paintings must be bundled up and set off to BC and the States, as well as delivered in and around Calgary. (And because there was literally no time for me to take pictures, I only have pictures of my set up, which I still have not downloaded...)

Thanks to all of you who attended my first solo show- for your wonderful support, encouraging words, and for the time you gave up to be here with me. Thanks to all of you who e-mailed me encouragement, for those of you who tweeted me and FB'ed messages. Your words have brought me great joy!

And now, it's off to bed after a very full weekend - but one that is now a very sweet memory!


Anonymous said...

Yipee! Thank you and congrats to all the winners. Glad to read that your showing was a great success. I'm NOT surprised at the news at all. ;-)


Alvin Richard said...

Congrats on your successful open studio show, and the opportunity for new doors to open for you.....much deserved!

Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
I am happy that you get to have one of my photos... you have been such a faithful source of encouragement for me! It will be winging its way to you soon!

Joanne said...

From shortly after I started this blog I have looked to you for inspiration and never been disappointed. Your art is masterful, and your kind words have filled me with energy to continue. Thank you my friend!