Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Art Exchange

I have been invited to join an art exchange through one of my Twitter friends, Tanya Richards Daigle. Tanya does beautiful work, and is currently experimenting with "silverpoint". You should check out her blog to see the dog portrait that she did with silverpoint, ink and watercolor. It is beautiful! I can hardly wait to see what else she comes up with with this new medium.

I am happy to say that this is a really easy art exchange, in that you only have to send one item to one other artist, which is great since the piece needs to be sent within one week. And in return, I will receive 36 little pieces of other artists' work, which will be a great collection to inspire me in my own art. These pieces will come from all over the world!

The more challenging part of this exchange is that you have to find 6 other artists to join in, which could be difficult given the time of year, and the number of artists who are preparing for shows. However, I was able to find 6 other artists willing to participate, so I am set.

I have chosen to send this little 6" x 4" Pair of Onions as my piece. It is going to another of my Twitter friends which is really cool - I mean what are the chances that I would be sending to someone I already know? Raspberry Doodles is an artist who lives in the U.K., and has some really great work on her website and blog. Check her out when you get a chance, but shhhh! Don't tell her what I'm sending her later this week! :-)


Kim said...

Ooooh--I love Pamela! She is so sweet. Have you seen her kitty portrait called "Merlin"? Adorable. Sounds like fun. If I had any spare time, you know I would be signing up (poor people receiving my stuff, lucky me receiving theirs!).

Anonymous said...

Cool exchange, indeed. I wish I were an artist. I'd participate. ;-) I saw the dog portrait you mentioned. Very nice!