Monday, March 1, 2010

First Time Challenge

Last month, I decided that one of my goals would be to attempt to have a "first time ever" experience two times a month...where I would do or experience something that I had never done before. And I challenged you to have a first-time ever experience each month as well!

Earlier in February, I told you about my first-time experience where I visited a "new-to-me gallery" (Master Gallery Ltd.) for the first time. Now I want to tell you that my second "first-time" experience was on Saturday (Feb. 27th) when my husband and I drove to the Bragg Creek Performing Arts Centre to hear a very special concert.

Award winning artists Raylene Rankin, Cindy Church and Susan Crowe gave a concert filled with folk, country, jazz and contemporary music, much of which I had not heard before. They have an absolutely phenomenal guitarist who plays with them (not the one in this video). I would have bought a cd of his playing in a heartbeat! They played to an audience of about 500- so it felt quite "intimate" actually. The sound was great, and they packed every minute with music.

When we left Bragg Creek, the full moon was shining, the tall fir trees were swaying in a slight breeze, the brightest stars were visible in the huge expanse of a prairie sky, you could smell the smoke from a fireplace nearby, and the temperature was still above zero at 10:30 p.m. Really beautiful.

So I had my 2 "first time ever" experiences for the month of February. How about you? Did you find a couple of things to do or see or create for the first time ever?

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