Monday, March 22, 2010

Next stages of sunflower painting

When you are painting on larger sized canvasses, it takes a lot of paint, and sometimes a lot of patience. I do not paint in the style of some acrylic painters where the paint is thick and covers the canvas in one stroke of the brush. Instead, I use many, many layers of glazing of the paint to achieve the transparent look and "glow" of my paintings.

I consider this painting to still be in the UGLY stage, although it is progressing through LESS UGLY to the I'M GETTING HAPPIER stage. I'm going to leave the petals for now and focus on the leaves, so the next time you see this painting, it will look much better - like a sick patient who is on his way to health, but you can tell he isn't up to his usual self yet.


Vern Schwarz said...

Joanne, I love your description of the creative healing (developing) process. I'm sure I've never heard it described like that before. This one looks to be well on it's way down the road to recovery.

Joanne said...

THANKS Vern! Yes - I am getting happier with this one all the time. Sometimes they come together really quickly, and other times it is quite a process. :-) Talk to you again soon.