Friday, March 26, 2010

So Sweet!


bonnieluria said...

Adorable times 7!!
I discovered, when taking home Cloud, my most recent puppy, that by whispering or speaking very softly to her, she got it much faster than if I raised my voice.
It works with humans too. If you want people to pay attention and you whisper, they have to listen harder than if you shout.
Now to pass that tip on to newscasters!

Joanne said...

I will have to try this whisperer technique with my husband to see if he "hears" what I say any better! Ha! Ha! I think newscasters may be a group unto themselves...

I LOVE Cloud - he is probably the most unique and precocious little dog I have ever seen! You found a real show-stopper in him! Have a great week, Bonnie.