Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something to Cheer You Up Today

Ever had a day like this?

Or this?

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


teresa stieben said...

Too funny, gave me a great morning chuckle. The middle vid is not working though.

Anonymous said...

Giant Guffaw!!!! That last one just cracked me up and had resounding familiarity about it.
( I did spare my husband the frying pan out the window )

Living where I do, I anticipated what the outcome was going to be, having learned early on that you don't ever park OR sit under a palm tree.

Still laughing over the Kiwi Bacon Ad.
Love those Aussies.
Thanks Joanne.

Your last series of acrylic textures is a terrific departure from previous posts but looks like it was fun to do.
I'm thinking that abstractions are a good way to get out of a painting funk.

Cheryl McCarley said...

Thanks, soooo funny, lol aloud funny!

Joanne said...

Hey Ladies,
So glad you enjoyed these... I thought they were really funny too! Have a great weekend!

Joanne said...


These textured acrylics are SO MUCH FUN to create! I agree that they would definitely be something to try when in a painting funk! I'm not sure how many of these I will do, but for now, I really want to create a series and see where it takes me. :-)