Wednesday, April 14, 2010


20" x 24" acrylic on standard canvas

It doesn't look as though I have gotten very far with this painting, does it? However, there have been several hours of glazing done, and the main leaves are beginning to take shape. I still have to put in the background leaves - but that can wait a bit. In fact, this whole painting may have to take a bit of a backseat for a while.

"Why?" you ask... good question! My life has suddenly become rather BUSY!!!

I have 2 weeks left of a class that I am teaching, which takes one of my mornings each week.

I have an art student for 6 weeks of lessons, beginning next week.

I have a watercolor painting commission which I will be starting this week.

I am taking a class for 6 weeks & have 5 weeks left.

I need to get my seedlings planted (tomatoes, herbs, peppers, etc.) for the vegetable garden I plant each year.

I just received a commission for 14 paintings. Fortunately, they are for 8" x 8" paintings, and I have a couple of months in which to do them, but this is still LOTS of work!

So I am one happy artist at this point! Lots to keep me in the studio, and lots outside of the studio to keep me balanced.

Okay - back to work!!!


Lee Ann said...

WOW!!! Fourteen! I don't care if they are small that sounds overwhelming! Congratulations on that, though, and lots of luck.

Joanne said...

Thanks, Lee Ann! And I DO feel a bit panicky. Once I finish planning them, and get a schedule in place, I'll feel a bit better. It still is a ton of work though - I figure I have to spit out a minimum of 5 per month to meet the commission deadline! And then there is all that comes into life that changes our plans, right? The unknowns! But I choose to think that I am on another adventure, and we'll see where this takes me... LOL It is very exciting. :-)

Kim said...
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Anonymous said...

You're that quintessential busy person to whom you give something more if you want it to get done.
But what a massive plateful you have.
I can sense the joy you feel at being a working artist with commissions.
And classes, students, projects and soon enough, fresh salad.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

Joanne said...

Bonnie, I love how you read me so very well! YES! Fresh salad!!! Oh - and the rest too! You are right - it is a joy to do these 16 pieces of art for this collector. The commission I began this week is for the mother of my art student - so that one is special too! Thanks for your visit and comment... and now I must get back to my work!

Jean Victory said...

Congrats on the are on your way! Love the painting especially the bright.