Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Family Matters

At the beginning...

I have begun a new journey, a new adventure, and I want to share the news with you...

I have begun a new blog which will run for a year. Why? you might ask... Aren't you busy enough without writing another blog? And the answer is "yes" - I am busy enough without doing even one more thing. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I don't want to miss it!

My daughter, her wonderful husband and 3 sweet children are leaving Mexico today, and will arrive here in Calgary tonight, to live with us for an entire year! That's right! 3 generations, 1 family, 1 house, 1 year!

So much is going to happen in this next year that I don't want to miss or forget any of it - whether good or bad. I want to remember the things the children say that are wise beyond their years, funny without knowing it. I want to record how home-schooling goes with children who are used to a classroom environment. And I want to recommend field trips that are amazing, and those that are just not worth it.

I garden, and this year, I will have help planting and weeding... a story in itself! As well, I will have help in creating and eating new recipes. I grind my own grain for bread, can tomatoes and jams, and other wonderful warming foods for winter, make my own butter, and so much more... and this blog will feature those recipes and methods of creating food for your family.

We want to build a tree house for the grandchildren - not just these 3 (1 girl & 2 boys), but also for the 2 cousins (boys) who live an hour away and will visit often. We are wondering about and researching having other creatures for this year as well - for the children of course! (ha!) More to talk about...

Did I tell you that my husband is thinking early retirement the end of this year - which means he will be home for the last 6 months of this adventure - not leaving each day to go to work. I wonder what that will be like?

And of course, you already know that I am an artist who works from a home studio. How will that be affected? Will I be able to get everything done I had planned for - or will it even matter so much? (My daughter is also an artist - a phenomenal one at that!)

So, I am blogging as part of my legacy for my children and grandchildren. I am blogging because I always wanted to write a book, and this seems fairly close to fulfilling that dream. And I am blogging because I might need someone to tell me that it will all be okay, and to just relax!

I hope you will check it out. I hope you will comment and share your insights with me. And I hope you will be able to relate to the laughter & tears, the struggles & victories, the highs & lows as we live together as family... because I believe that family matters. Here is the link:

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Anonymous said...

awesome idea. i think you're going to have a lot of wonderful stories and experiences to write about on your new blog. ;-) have fun!