Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunshine Award

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when someone encourages you in the pursuit of your dreams and passions! This award is just that... an encouragement from a fellow artist, Anni Jones, who is such a gifted girl that it's hard to know which she is better at - painting or photography! Anni is an artist I met through her blog, 4 the Contemplative Artist, and since then, she has become a very important person in my life! (See what benefits blogging can have for you?)

The rules for accepting this award are:

- post the logo on your blog, in your post, or both
- pass this on to 12 other bloggers
- link them in your post
- let them know they have received this award
- link the person who awarded you

I hope you have fun checking out these fellow bloggers who have wonderful blogs! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much Joanne. It's nice to be mentioned with some of the other bloggers on this list.

How this has opened up worlds of ideas, exchanges of information and friendships! Pretty amazing, I think.

Joanne said...

You are a person who brings sunshine with every comment you make, Bonnie. Thank you for investing time and encouragement in my artistic endeavors and into my life.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much!

Paz xoxoxo

4 the Contemplative Artist said...

Hey Joanne!!
I had some emergency eye work done and so I have to take it easy (HA) for a few days. So I thought I'd visit blogs with my one good eye (can you hear me laughing?) Love the picture of you and your hubby. I am happy you liked the sunshine award. That isn’t flattery it’s just the truth… are such a glorious shining light in the art world and most importantly for Him. Love ya friend!!! Anni
PS You got me started on Zazzle!!