Monday, June 7, 2010


Last year in June I visited my sister on Vancouver Island. One of the places we went to visit was "Goats on the Roof". There was a huge building which housed the main market, and on the roof lived a whole family of goats.

The roof was thatched with grass, which because of the amount of rain this area gets, remains fairly green - and a viable food source for the goats. Of course, they get other food from their "ranchers" as well.

On the other side of this roof line is the little sheds where the rest of the goats live - it truly is weird to see them jumping around up there.

I loved this market. There are about 15 buildings of various sizes in all. There is everything you can think of to buy - from hand made items, to dishes brought up from Mexico, to ... you guessed it... goat milk soaps and hand creams! It was quite the experience and a wonderful memory. I am still using my goat soap, which my husband now uses as well. He finally decided to try it just because it smells so fantastic (his words, not mine!).

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