Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BRAGG CREEK - underpainting

Bragg Creek underpainting
20" x 24" standard canvas

I love being able to drive for 30 minutes and end up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains! A couple of years ago, in the fall, I was in Bragg Creek, a small hamlet just 30 minutes west of my home. It was a glorious fall day - bright, warm and so special for late September! I had left the retreat I was attending, and gone for a drive with my camera in hand. At one point, I stopped to take a picture just before a bridge which crossed over a small stream. The late afternoon sun was perfect, the reflections in the stream crisp and still. In the very far distance you could see the mountains as well as the closer foothills.

I used this photo for my calendar which I produced and sold at my 2009 Art Show which I held in my home. It was a very successful venture - and I am anticipating it being even better this year.

I enjoyed this photo, and the afternoon of exploration so much that I decided to do an oil representation of this location. The canvas is 20" x 24", so there is quite a bit of canvas to cover. As I work on this painting, I also will be working on my "sky" series of smaller paintings, as well as about a dozen textured acrylic paintings. I do love what I do!

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