Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunrise 1 - a wip

Sunrise 1
12" x 12" oil on canvas
work in progress

This little study is on my easel right now. It is nowhere near finished - but I like the detail in the sky already. I have taken so many pictures of sunrises, sunsets and Chinook skies over the last few years that I have decided to try to paint some of them for a little series. If I like the small studies, then I might do several of the paintings in larger sized canvasses. It's all experimental right now - keeping it fun.

What has NOT been fun is having a very bad cold right in the middle of warm summer weather! I foolishly cut back on my intake of Vitamin D3, thinking that I was getting enough from the times that I was in the sun. Then, on the very evening of the day I went in to the city to get groceries (several stores of course) and to visit the library (very busy with children and parents now that summer is here), I developed a nasty viral cold. I am feeling like I am on the mend again, but I lost 2 days to sleeping and blowing my nose. YUK! That will teach me to not fool around with my vitamin intake!


Lee Ann said...

Fantastic blues! Love the way this one is starting. Hope you feel better soon - it is awfully miserable to have a cold in the summer.

Joanne said...

Thanks LeeAnn! I am still struggling to get rid of this cold - it wants to hang on! I love the blues in this painting as well - and the great thing is that they are true to the photo! Such amazing colors can show up in the least expected places, right?