Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Textured Acrylic #12

Textured Acrylic #12
8" x 8" canvas

Each of these silver and black textured acrylics are unique, and depending on the texture, take the paint differently. They certainly have lights, darks and midtones! :-) In various lighting, they can look like metal, and it is a surprise for people to discover that they are not a piece of old tin that has been hammered to create a patterned texture.

I said I would tell you about another opportunity that has come my way since declining the ChartPak Inc. offer to teach beginner acrylic lessons in two local art supply stores.

This past spring, I taught a 10 year old painting lessons for 6 weeks. That was a good experience for both my student and me. I happened to make the comment afterward that the ideal way to teach would not be to go out of my home, but rather to have people come to my studio and take lessons here in workshops. I need to learn to be careful of what I muse aloud!

I was asked by a facilitator for one of the homeschooling boards in Calgary if I would let my name stand as a teacher for parents who choose art as an option for their children's academic year. Having been a teacher for many years, I understand the art curriculum for schools very well, and can taylor workshops to meet those requirements. As an artist, I can teach techniques and shortcuts to achieve various results which are student learner outcomes within that curriculum.

As well, I had parents who are friends of mine approach me about teaching their children private art lessons. These lessons would be either in drawing or painting, and some want a combination of both.

I thought about this idea, and finally said "yes" to teaching this fall. I have dedicated 2 full days and evenings to this endeavor, which I believe will leave me time to paint as well. It's going to be very busy though, as I am giving both private and group lessons. I have 3 groups set up, and the rest of the time is private lesson time. So far, I have 15 students. All of my private lesson spots are filled, with a waiting list started. In group lessons, I have several spaces open - on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but I do anticipate those will fill up quickly. Only one of the facilitators for the school board has told her parents about this offer, and there are many other facilitators and many other boards that will definitely want to take advantage of my workshops once they find out about them. I know I will be putting names on a waiting list there as well.

I will try this for the fall, and then see if I will offer student lessons again in the New Year. I now have adults asking about weekend workshops - so I have to think that one through as well. It is fun though, to see that I had written "giving workshops" as one of my art career goals. It just came a bit sooner and in totally unexpected ways than I thought!

Moral of this story - "Be careful what you wish for! It might actually come true." :-)

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