Friday, July 30, 2010

Textured Acrylic #15

Textured Acrylic #15
8" x 8" on standard canvas

My father-in-law passed away a week ago. Parkinson's disease finally overcame his strength and claimed his body. He was sweet, polite, kind, and caring until the end, when he could no longer communicate.

We traveled to Saskatchewan to join with family and plan the funeral. His was a celebration of a man who loved well and whose life impacted those he came in contact with. During the funeral, his 4 children paid him tribute, which was loving and touching. But the tribute which brought everyone to tears was paid to him by his 10 grandchildren. As all but 2 (who could not make the funeral) stood behind my daughter, who read their thoughts on a grandfather who epitomized love and acceptance, everyone in the church was moved by their words and memories.

Grandpa would take 4 little children fishing in the boat, and never spoke sharply to them when they complained about being bored, or eaten by mosquitos, or when their hook caught in the reeds time and again. He always had time for his grandchildren; he played games with them, fished with them, chased them and threw them in the lake where we spent time at "the cabin". He read them stories, attended their important events, cheered their accomplishments and was proud of them even when they were not proud of themselves. He was patient, wise, fun, and he loved well.

Many men told us after the funeral ended that they have " a lot of work to do " in order for their children and grandchildren to view them as we viewed our "Grandpa". He was not perfect, but he was special, kind and loving. We will miss him.

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