Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Light in studio before Sun Tunnel was installed

Light in studio after Sun Tunnel was installed
I now have a Sun Tunnel in my studio!!!  I am very excited with the amount of natural light which is flooding into what was the one dark area of the room. This will will make it much easier for my art students to see what they are doing...LOL! It also means that in the winter when our hours of sunlight are so greatly reduced, I will feel like I am getting more hours of sunlight because my studio will still have so much natural light!

What a Sun Tunnel looks like on the roof
It took the installer only a few hours to put in the tunnel, and it created so little mess that when he had cleaned up, no one would even know he had been here.

The Sun Tunnel is like a lens which takes the sun's rays and shoots them down the tunnel which goes through the attic. The rays are then diffused by the cover which sits against the ceiling in the studio. Quite simple, quite effective.

The tunnel also looks neat and clean from the outside. Just a small dome shows on the rooftop.

So if you have a space where you need lots of natural light, you might want to consider the Sun Tunnel. I highly recommend it! 

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Francisco Close said...

I’m pretty sure you still have this sun tunnel in your studio. Even if you made changes in the place, I’m certain you’d keep the skylight. There’s a source for this confidence, hah! I don’t think it’s possible to get over its wonders. XD Kidding aside, the one we have in the attic still amuses me oftentimes. We use that part of the house for storage, and natural lighting is very important to keep the atmosphere dry and to prevent the growth of molds. Have you noticed that too? :]