Monday, December 13, 2010

A new W.I.P.

 This is the beginning of a new work which has been commissioned. The canvas size is 30" x 30" - a lot of paint will be required to cover the space - but I love to paint BIG!!! It is a lot of fun to paint this one as the colors are so warm.  The collector gave me a beautiful table runner to match the tones with, and when I visited her home, I got to see exactly where the painting will go, and what kind of lighting it will get. She loves earth tones, and her house is warm and inviting. Knowing those details makes it easier for me to create!

Here you can see the first steps in my process. I have toned the canvas a neutral grey so that it will actually take less time and paint to cover the canvas as I paint. The drawing is on the canvas, even though you can't see it...I have drawn it on very lightly.

The glare off the canvas makes this a terrible picture, but you can see how I am progressing around the centre of the flower with the various petals and tones of orange. Not until the background color is in will these oranges begin to "pop" off the canvas. Since the collector loves earth tones, I am going to have the background a rich, dark chocolate color.

I am hoping to complete this commission before Christmas, but definitely before the end of the year! She should have it hanging in its special spot to start off 2011. :-)

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