Monday, December 20, 2010

Textured Acrylic Painting

Textured Acrylic
8" x 8" canvas
This beautiful 8" x 8" acrylic was lots of fun to do. I sure wish the golds sparkled in the photo the way they actually do in "real life"! The red is a deep Alizarin Crimson, and with the bright gold on top, it is a striking piece!

With this little gem, I have completed 80 paintings this year! I would NEVER have thought that was possible in my wildest dreams, but it has happened!

I have another small piece on the go, and a second commission to start on. I'm not sure if they will be complete before the end of 2010. However, I am happy with the amount of time I was able to spend in the studio this year, and the exceeding of all the goals I set myself in February. I am grateful for the support of friends, family, collectors old and new. I am deeply contented with being an artist, and loving the life I have been given. Challenges, surprises, disappointments, excitement, hard work, teaching others what I know... it has all enriched my life and made me appreciate how I have been blessed.

I pray each of you has a wonderful and meaningful Christmas and holiday season. May health and happiness, friends and family bless your days. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Made From Scratch said...

Why did I not see this when we were over at Christmas?! It is BEAUTIFUL and I am sad to have missed it :'( - but if it is still there the next time I come, I would love to have a little look!

Joanne said...

It will be here for you to see... I will make sure of it! SO HAPPY you have begun your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!