Monday, February 7, 2011

Companion Piece to Autumn Fence

During my solo show in November, one of my collectors really loved the oil painting, Autumn Fence. However, it was not quite large enough for the space she had available in her home, so she asked if I would be willing to do a "companion piece" for it. She wanted a fence on the other side of the canvas in the companion piece...and that's all she stipulated.

At my show last year, this same collector was torn between two paintings, and ended up choosing a watercolor titled "Waiting". The other painting she loved is called "Country Road". Because she loved the subject matter in that painting, I decided to include a country road in her companion piece, as well as the fence she requested.

Autumn Fence is done in oil paints. The way I usually begin an oil painting is with an acrylic underpainting, toning the entire canvas so there is no white left. (Not all of my oil paintings are done this way - but most of my landscapes are.) In the photo I took of the companion piece and the original painting, you can see the underpainting, and how it continues the theme of Autumn Fence, along with the country road. 
Companion piece to Autumn Fence
- a work in progress in oil paint

I think I must be somewhat ADD as I tend to have a number of pieces on the go at the same time - usually in different mediums. That way, I can leave a painting for a while if I have come up against a difficult area, and when I go back to it, the solution seems to be waiting for me. I have procrastinated in doing this commission for over a month, thinking about how to make it work - and the idea of the road just came to me. Now I can tackle it with gusto, knowing she will like this composition! (She told me there was no rush to get this piece done, so I felt comfortable waiting to begin. :-)

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