Friday, March 4, 2011

Moose in Pastel

Miss Moose
original pastel painting

Another beautiful animal we see frequently around our house is this moose. Just this afternoon, she was eating bushes across the road - in our neighbour's yard for a change!

This pastel painting is from a photo I took of Miss Moose when she was chomping on my Mountain Ash tree last winter. I opened the door and told her to stop destroying my tree, and as she stared at me, I took her picture. It was rather scary because she is so VERY tall, and I wasn't sure if she would charge at me. I've seen her charge at my dogs before - so I know she does that when she's frightened pr annoyed.

She just ignored me though, and continued "pruning" my tree up to about the 8 foot mark. Oh well! She's so beautiful that I guess I have to not mind what she eats. And, the tree did just fine this summer, so no real damage was done!


zunnur said...

So, she ate up your tree and on top of that, her picture is published here, that's not fair for the poor old tree :)

That's a great painting of yours just like the rest. It has been more than a year since I visited your blog (I was away from blogging) and I'm glad that you're still doing what you love to.

Jala Pfaff said...

I love this!! It's so soft and gentle looking (her charging your dogs notwithstanding).
I've never seen a live moose in the wild. Would be very cool.