Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Red Fox (Pastel)

Red Fox
8" x 11"

Our bird feeders feed more than just birds. We have seen fleeting glimpses of a red fox very early in the morning just as light is beginning to show shapes against the ground. The white tip of the tail is the brightest spot around the feeders as the fox turns and runs down the trail into the woods. So elusive!

This fox is from a photo I took in Ontario. We had stopped the Jeep to take some shots of the amazing rock formations we were traveling through when this fox came up to my side of the truck and sat down. She stayed there until I had taken so many shots of her, I was sure I had every pose possible. She was so thin - and so beautiful, turning her head as I spoke to her. Finally we had to continue on our journey, so we began to move the vehicle, and she ran off into the forest. 


Jala Pfaff said...

One time in our neighborhood, a fox had 3 kits in someone's backyard. They stayed and played there for a few weeks. We went by every chance we got. The foxes here kill cats fairly often, but I love them anyway for their beauty. My friend and I used to see a pair of them, one red and one black, every year except last year we didn't see them anymore. :( Samartdog (my neighbor) had a fox sleeping on her studio roof last year.

Joanne said...

Hi Jala,
Kits! Oh that would be exciting to see! Foxes are such beautiful creatures, even if they do steal and kill. To be able to photograph this one in the wild was such a privilege - it was really one of the more special moments I've had. I've never seen a black fox before - that would be amazing! Thanks for the visit and comment, Jala! Happy Spring. :-)