Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hannah's drawing of a hand

I feel like I am one of the most blessed people alive for many, many reasons. One of those reasons is that I get to teach people what I have learned in art over the years that I have been reading, experimenting, and drawing/painting.

This fall I have only four students, but what a talented and amazing four students! Hannah is a teen who is passionate about art, and has such a talent that it's evident she will go far with her work. When she came to me for lessons, she had decided she wanted to improve on her drawing skills - and particularly drawing hands. This photo shows her working on a drawing of a photo of my husband's hand, which I took for her lessons. It is kind of creepy to see these fingers rising right off the page as she does the shading, don't you think? She said she is sure she will be framing this piece - a sure sign that she believes she has improved through the instruction I've been able to share with her. What a privilege to work with people who want to learn! It's a lot of fun!!!

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