Monday, December 12, 2011


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I could wish I was back in Hawaii right now, what with the cold wind and snow making roads icy...but I suppose it is beginning to look like Christmas with everything under a blanket of white!

This is one of the Hawaiian geckos that I was able to get several photos of.  His colors are just astonishing - especially on the plant in which he and his mate lived. They had a little stash of water where the leaves all came together at the bottom of the plant, and there must have been some sticky, honey-like substance on the leaves as well, because I caught him licking the leaves. As I moved in closer and closer to get better pictures of him, he got more and more nervous. Finally, he turned and stared at me, as if to dare me to come closer...he was ready for me!

These little creatures move incredibly fast, so I was thrilled to get so many shots of this guy and his female. Look at all the colors! Florescent greens, yellows, reds, and BLUE! He even listened to me as I talked to him. What wonderful creatures!

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Anonymous said...

what an awesome shot. stunning-looking creature.