Friday, December 16, 2011


While on the Big Island in Hawaii, I met a diver who takes amazing pictures in the ocean. Her name is Cynthia Hankins, and her work is spectacular! 

underwater photographer
Kona, Hawaii
She takes her Canon camera, in a waterproof contraption, and dives anywhere from 3 to 6 days per week. She patiently waits, hovering above the coral, for the perfect shot - and she has had MANY!

I bought 2 of her photos - both in as large a print size as I could afford. They are currently waiting until I can save the money to frame them. Here is one of them - 3 Oval Squid - in electric colors. So beautiful! (Click on words to go to the link).

The second photo we bought is called "Feeding Station". I love the turtle faces she has captured in her dives! 

Cynthia's photos are one-of-a-kind, and not too expensive if you are looking for a wonderful and unique gift. She ships all over the world, so be sure to contact her if you are interested. She is easy to "talk" to, and very accommodating!

I got to take pictures of sea turtles feeding in the water - from above the water, not in it. Standing on the shore, on slippery rocks, my friend Donna and I stood taking pictures for long periods of time... The photos are not from underwater like Cynthia's, but the abstract patterns of the turtles' shells and flippers were amazing! The water is so very clear that you can see all of this from above the water line. I plan to paint several of those. If you wait long enough, the turtle lifts its head out of the water to breathe, and you can get some nice photos of their is one of my pics of that for you to enjoy!

Sea Turtle, Nov 2011, Big Island, Hawaii
As I was shooting the turtle lifting its head in the City of Refuge, Donna was cheering me on - literally. We had been the only 2 out on the rocks at that point, but soon there were half a dozen people beside us, searching out what we were so excited about! It turned into a photofest. :-)


Anonymous said...

very nice underwater photos. i like your turtle photo, too.

Joanne Giesbrecht said...

Thank you dear Paz! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. :-)