Friday, January 27, 2012


Each year my husband and I seem to end up spending a week of winter somewhere on Vancouver Island. This year, it is in the gorgeous area of Nanoose Bay. We rented a suite in a Bed and Breakfast which is modeled after Franklin Lloyd Wright's designs, and is situated right on an estuary which is packed with wildlife, particularly birds. At high tide, the water wends its way through the curves of the banks, and gently pours into the pond which is just outside our deck, which we access through sliding doors. Geese and several kinds of ducks lazily float along the incoming tide, and enter the pond to feed. As you look outside, there is a tall crag where 2 bald eagles roost every day. When they swoop down from their high vantage point, the other birds take flight. It is such a beautiful place to rest and relax! It is also a fabulous area to get photos to inspire my work this year. Here is the link to check out this gorgeous place:

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