Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My teaching sketchbook
This week is the beginning of another 6 weeks of teaching art students. I don't have many this term, but that suits me as I have not gotten much painting done over the last 3 months. First it was a 2 week trip in November, the holidays in December, and another 10 day trip in January. It's time to get back into the studio and get some new pieces done!

It is always interesting as to what people want me to teach them. This time, 3 of my students want to learn how to draw in pencil, with 2 of those wanting to learn portraiture.  We'll start with learning about the eye. I think that if you can get the eyes right in a portrait, you really are more than 1/2 way there.

The other 2 students want to learn how to paint abstracts in acrylic. That will be lots of fun, teaching them how to create their own colors, using various mediums for certain effects...yup, I'm gonna have fun this session!

I hope my next posting will show a new work underway...but the beautiful warm weather we've been having in FEBRUARY is beaconing me to be outside walking. It's tough to fit everything in! What a great life. -)

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