Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I don't think many people think of me as an introvert, but I certainly am in many situations. Almost a year ago, my daughter and I flew to Monterey Bay in California to attend a Weekend with the Masters event. The time there was very busy as we wanted to take in every session we could.

One evening, we had supper on "The Wharf", and were walking back to the hotel where the sessions were held when we saw Bill. I wanted to take his picture so badly, but walked on for quite a few yards before my daughter, Kim, stopped me. She convinced me that I should go back and talk with Bill, and ask him for his picture. 

So, courage in hand, (and cheered on by Kim) I walked back to where Bill was sitting on a park bench, and spoke to him. I told him that I am an artist who was taking classes in doing portraits, and that I would like to do his portrait; that I loved faces that had character, and that I thought his face was full of "character". He was shocked that anyone would want to take his picture, let alone paint him, but he did agree to pose for me for a couple of photos. I took the pictures, and by this time Kim had joined me. Bill felt more comfortable with us by now, so he began to tell us his story. Even now, a year later, I can't get Bill out of my mind. 

When this portrait is done, I'll tell you what Bill told us about himself.

We had to rush back to make the evening session, so I slipped Bill some money, and he humbly thanked me. What a gentleman he was...


OzSandi said...

What a charming story, and I especially like the emerging work as the story emerges, as if the work is telling it..thanks you Joanne.

Joanne Giesbrecht said...

Thank you for leaving a comment! And I love how you have worded the thought of the story emerging as the work emerges - that is so profound in many ways. Have a great weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful encounter. I agree with OzSandi's comment above.