Friday, June 22, 2012


A number of years ago, we had a beautiful Bearded Collie. I had never heard of that breed, but when we were in Chapters, we saw a book on the breed and fell in love with them. The puppies are like a furry ball of fat, they are so round...and absolutely gorgeous faces, every one of them.

We found a breeder that lived just outside of Calgary, and she happened to have a litter that had just been born. We went out to see these dogs in person, and never looked back.  After choosing a male, we went home and each of the family put a name into a hat. The name that was drawn was "Brakken", as he had a white curl in his fur on the side that looked like a curled fern.

Brakken was probably the most loving and gentle dog we have ever had - and by far the one with the MOST fur ever! 

One summer, on a camping trip down the Washington/Oregon coast, Brakken got some ticks, and I was the one who had to find them and pull them out. Honestly, I don't know how those ticks found bare skin to attach themselves, because he was so heavily furred (is that a word?). It took over 2 hours to find and remove the ticks. I thought then I would never have another dog with so much hair!

The dog I am working on here in pastel is very much like Brakken - so much hair that it is actually astonishing. There will be a LOT of pastel on this piece just to achieve the depth of color and volume of this creature's glorious hair! He is coming along beautifully, though, and his personality is beginning to shine on the paper. :-)

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Anonymous said...

2 hours? That was a lot of hair, indeed. ;-) Lovely progress.