Friday, July 27, 2012


We have just gotten back from our annual sibling vacation held this year in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I must say, I may be one of the most blessed "in-laws" ever...I really love getting together with my husband's sisters and their spouses! We had 3 days of fun, food, games, and lots of laughter!

As you would expect, I did no art while away, so I thought I would post part of an e-mail I received a couple of weeks ago. I have not done the research on this - so I have no idea how much of the story is actually fact. But in looking at the art itself, I have no doubt that it is the "real deal". Hopefully, you will enjoy this as much as I did, and be inspired by it also.

Paul Smith was born September 21, 1921, with severe cerebral palsy. The disease was one which impeded his speech and mobility, but did not stop him from teaching himself to become a terrific chess player, and a master artist...on the typewriter!

When typing, Paul used his left hand to steady his right one. Since he couldn't press two keys at the same time, he almost always locked the shift key down and make his pictures using the symbols at the top of the number keys: @#$%^&*()_

In over seven decades, Paul Smith created hundreds of pictures. He developed techniques to create shading and textures which made his work resemble pencil or charcoal drawings. Paul passed away June 25, 2009, leaving behind a large collection of artwork, some of which are shown below.


renate said...

Hello Joanne:) Fantastic. He was a thrue master! The black and white are my favorites, but they are all of a great quality. What happend with his collection?
Thank you for showing us! :)

shi zhan said...
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Joanne Giesbrecht said...

Hi Renate,
Paul Smith dies on June 25, 2007 while in a nursing home in Roseburg, Oregon. His works have been collected into books apparently, and more of his story can be read/seen here: