Monday, August 20, 2012


new oil painting under way
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Some paintings just give me a "rush" when I start them, and this is one of those kind of paintings. After mixing the colors on my palette, I could hardly wait to make the first stroke on that fresh, white canvas.

The painting is based on a fantastic photograph, "White Lily" by a very talented artist/photographer named Anni Jones. I first met Anni about 3 years ago when I began in the blogosphere. I am not sure how I happened upon her site, but it was definitely more than just connecting with a fellow-artist. It has also been a spiritual connection...Anni is like a sister. She is not only incredibly gifted in many areas, but Anni has a very big heart filled with generosity. Several times she has simply told me to go ahead and paint some of her wonderful photos...and so I have. 

The moment I saw "White Lily" on Anni's FB post, I loved it. I secretly thought that I would like to try to paint it because it was such a stunning photo. I commented on her post about how gorgeous the picture was, without saying anything about wanting to paint it, and when Anni responded, she said those words: "Go ahead and paint it if you want to Joanne!" That was music to my ears!

So I thank my friend Anni for the privilege of having her work to interpret on canvas. I am already excited for how the background has been laid in. I'll post more as it progresses over the next few weeks. The canvas is larger - 20" x 28" and the medium is oil. I'm afraid I have to fit in a new art student, a garden crying out for attention, exercise, a project I have on the go, eating, sleeping, etc. around painting this piece... seems my priorities have shifted a tad! ☺


renate said...

Hello Joanne:) I strugle with that problem almost every day haha.
I'm sure you make something nice! I'll keep following your progression. Have lots of fun!

Joanne Giesbrecht said...

Thanks Renate! It really helps to know that others have similar problems to me. :-) Have a great week.